Our Story

Hi, I am Karnika Budhiraja or KB, an influencer, blogger and a true skinlover.

I was 15, an acne prone child and my desire to look beautiful was no different to anyone else's. That was when I first realised the need for truly caring for my skin with utmost passion, love and honesty.

There was nothing I didn’t research, no ingredient I didn’t try in an attempt to combat my temperamental skin. If complication had a face - it was mine.

I tried everything! From what I could afford to what I had to beg my parents to get me but was left time and time again I had to swallow the bitter pill that the products weren’t working on me, nothing did, nothing will.

Was it the infamous list of chemicals and non-organic ingredients on those products that I wasn't aware of? Is it for dry, combination or oily skin? Good lord, I must follow a strict regime. Am I overdoing it? Oh well, yes of course I am. Someone rightly said that diamond loses its charm when you rub it too hard. I knew I must stop putting this, that and the other product on my skin.

So I went back to my roots, to the basics, to what my mother taught me but I never listened (I guess mother’s are always right). Those natural and organic ingredients that I repelled became the true love for my skin.

I realised how important it was to be simple and honest to myself, my skin, to be baesic. After all, everyone has skin so skincare is for everyone regardless of gender or age. So, after a decade of being an honest and true skincare lover, I developed the easiest, quickest and most reliable skincare regime that gives your skin just the right amount of love without breaking the bank.

A range between the floral smelling cleansers and testosterone grunting ‘face washes’, I discovered my love, my baby, BAESIC.

Leave all the fuss behind, be baesic. #Baesic