About us

We don’t believe that having a glow is reserved for women, or that healthy skin is exclusively feminine.

Why does there seem to be 400 products needed to achieve a ‘simple’ routine? Like one drop of this serum mixed with a pea sized amount of that gel and a smear of cream finished with a spritz of magical unicorn water; Why can’t they all just be included in a range of few products? Karnika, our Founder agrees - and let’s be honest, nobody really has time or energy for all of that.

Everyone has skin and therefore skincare is for everyone - which is why we developed a range for you, and bae.

So we’ve put your essentials together, and it’s all sorts of good for you, your best friend, your partner and your aunt's neighbours brother in law...really just anyone around you. Be baesic together.

Baesic is skincare that has been stripped down so you can glow up with a core range of products that is as kind on the earth as it is on your skin. The addition your bathroom, skin and man have been waiting for. Developed with a passion for natural and organic ingredients in mind, we make sure you’ve got the Baesics covered.

Vegan friendly. No artificial colours. No chemicals. Australia owned. Quality skincare.